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Jetstream™ Atherectomy System​

Jetstream is engineered to predictably treat multiple morphologies, such as calcium, plaque or thrombus, commonly found in total occlusions. As the only atherectomy system with active aspiration, Jetstream removes debris, helping minimize the risk of distal embolization.

Peripheral Rotablator™ Rotational Atherectomy System

Precise. Predictable. Proven. Experience the controlled precision of a diamond-tipped burr designed to modify vessel compliance in even the most calcified peripheral lesions. When it comes to atherectomy, trust the Rotablator System for proven patient outcomes.

Catheters: Balloon

With superior cross and track, powerful dilatation, longer lengths, and smaller sheath sizes, the Mustang Balloon Catheter is the 0.035″ workhorse balloon that offers excellence across the board.


Charger™ 0.035″ Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The Charger Balloon is designed to deliver results in both routine and challenging cases.

  • Coyote™ and Coyote™ ES 0.014” Balloon Dilatation Catheter

    Confidently take on below-the-knee (BTK) procedures with a new level of deliverability, crossability, and ultra-low profile.

  • Mustang™ 0.035” Balloon Dilatation Catheter

    With superior cross and track, powerful dilatation, longer lengths, and smaller sheath sizes, the Mustang Balloon Catheter is the 0.035″ workhorse balloon that offers excellence across the board.

  • Sterling™ and Sterling™ SL 0.018” Balloon Dilatation Catheter

    The Sterling™ Balloon Catheter family offers best-in-class lesion entry profile and deflation times* with the most clinically comprehensive size offering and indications available.

  • Peripheral Cutting Balloon™ Microsurgical Dilatation Device for Hemodialysis Access Management

    Peripheral Cutting Balloon (PCB) and Small Peripheral Cutting Balloon (sPCB) are designed to minimize vessel trauma with their unique mechanism of action.


Provides extra strength and stability during catheter placement and exchange during contralateral access and in carotid procedures.

Tip design: flat wire construction with spring coil
Core: large inner stainless steel core
Coating: PTFE coating
Unique benefits: Soft, atraumatic tip, multiple tip style options


  •  Amplatz Super Stiff Guidewire

            Provides extra strength and stability during catheter placement and exchange during contralateral access and in carotid procedures.

  • Magic Torque Guidewire

           Workhorse .035” guidewire for catheter placement and exchange, and gaining contralateral access.

  • Meier™ Guidewire

    Super stiff support for strength and stability when placing large devices such as thoracic sheaths and in AAA procedures.

  • Platinum PlusGuidewire .014″ & .018″

    Extra Support for contralateral approach and device delivery, enhanced tip strength for crossing stenosed lesions.

  • Starter™ Guidewire

    For gaining access during diagnostic and interventional procedures.

  • Thruway™ Guidewire .014″ & .018″

    Thruway Guidewire .014″ & .018″ Designed for accessing and crossing lesions in acutely angled vessels such as the renal arteries.

  • V-18™ & V-14™ ControlWire™ Guidewire

    V-18 & V-14 ControlWire Guidewire Designed for navigating and crossing stenosed lesions above and below the knee.

  • Victory™ 14 & 18 Guidewire

    Designed for crossing calcified lesions above and below the knee.

  • ZIPwire™ Hydrophilic Guide Wire

    Designed for navigating through and crossing challenging anatomy.

Maverick2 Balloon

Product Details

Maverick2 Over-The-Wire Balloon Catheter

The balloon catheter that’s ready for whatever you encounter. 

  • Proprietary laser bonded technology creates an extraordinary TrakTip™ Design and precise, smooth bonds throughout the shaft
  • Push coil design and improved distal flexibility for enhanced trackability
  • Our 1.5 and 2.0mm SoftLEAP™ Balloons offer enhanced crossability


Maverick2 Monorail™ Balloon Catheter

Greater performance for greater demands. 

  • Enhanced Shaft Construction: Full-length hypotube construction designed to deliver powerful push for tortuous anatomy and tight lesions
  • Outstanding Crossability: Laser bonding technology; seamless and flexible transitions designed for excellent cross and track
  • Flexible TrakTip Design: Intended to provide excellent flexibility for navigating through tight lesions and tortuous anatomy
  • Excellent Trackability: Low-profile, transitionless tapered distal shaft designed to provide balanced stiffness transition for superb push and track
  • Corewire intended to provide outstanding mid-shaft support


Maverick2 XL Monorail Balloon Catheter

Built for big challenges. 

  • Widest Range of Diameters: The Maverick XL Balloon Catheter joins the Maverick™ ² Monorail Balloon Catheter to provide the broadest size offering of any coronary balloon catheter line (1.5-6.0mm diameters). Maverick XL Balloon diameters include: 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0mm
  • Laser bonding-smooth transitions designed for excellent crossability and trackability; TrakTip Design-smooth taper and flexibility intended to enhance negotiation of tortuous anatomy; Pebax™ Distal Shaft-Enhanced flexibility intended to improve trackability
  • 150cm Shaft for Bypass Grafts: Full-length polymer/corewire construction designed to reduce deflation times
  • 6F Guide Compatibility: For versatility and convenience to use your guide catheter of choice


NC QUANTUM APEX Catheter is a high-performance, post-dilatation balloon catheter developed specifically to address physicians’ needs in optimizing coronary stent deployment.

Product Detail

This is the best of Boston Scientific – NC QUANTUM APEX Catheter launches a clear new standard for deliverability.

  • 27% Better Distal End Flex¹
  • 26% Improved Tip Flexibility¹
  • 23% Less Tip Catch¹
  • 23% Improvement in Recross¹
  • Excellent Visibility via Platinum Iridium Marker Bands
  • 4% Balloon Growth Rate²
  • 20 ATM RBP (18 ATM RBP for 4.5mm and 5.0mm Diameters)³
  • Now Available in 6mm Lengths
  • Choose from Monorail™ or Over-the-Wire Designs
  • Broadest Matrix of Lengths and Diameters


Ordering Information

MRBalloon Length
Balloon Diameter (mm)6 mm8 mm12 mm15 mm20 mm30 mm
2.00 mmH7493912406200H7493912408200H7493912412200H7493912415200H7493912420200H7493912430200
2.25 mmH7493912406220H7493912408220H7493912412220H7493912415220H7493912420220H7493912430220
2.50 mmH7493912406250H7493912408250H7493912412250H7493912415250H7493912420250H7493912430250
2.75 mmH7493912406270H7493912408270H7493912412270H7493912415270H7493912420270H7493912430270
3.00 mmH7493912406300H7493912408300H7493912412300H7493912415300H7493912420300H7493912430300
3.25 mmH7493912406320H7493912408320H7493912412320H7493912415320H7493912420320H7493912430320
3.50 mmH7493912406350H7493912408350H7493912412350H7493912415350H7493912420350H7493912430350
3.75 mmH7493912406370H7493912408370H7493912412370H7493912415370H7493912420370H7493912430370
4.00 mmH7493912406400H7493912408400H7493912412400H7493912415400H7493912420400H7493912430400
4.50 mmH7493912406450H7493912408450H7493912412450H7493912415450H7493912420450 
5.00 mmH7493912406500H7493912408500H7493912412500H7493912415500H7493912420500 
OTWBalloon Length
Balloon Diameter (mm)6 mm8 mm12 mm15 mm20 mm30 mm
2.00 mmH7493912506200H7493912508200H7493912512200H7493912515200H7493912520200H7493912530200
2.25 mmH7493912506220H7493912508220H7493912512220H7493912515220H7493912520220H7493912530220
2.50 mmH7493912506250H7493912508250H7493912512250H7493912515250H7493912520250H7493912530250
2.75 mmH7493912506270H7493912508270H7493912512270H7493912515270H7493912520270H7493912530270
3.00 mmH7493912506300H7493912508300H7493912512300H7493912515300H7493912520300H7493912530300
3.25 mmH7493912506320H7493912508320H7493912512320H7493912515320H7493912520320H7493912530320
3.50 mmH7493912506350H7493912508350H7493912512350H7493912515350H7493912520350H7493912530350
3.75 mmH7493912506370H7493912508370H7493912512370H7493912515370H7493912520370H7493912530370
4.00 mmH7493912506400H7493912508400H7493912512400H7493912515400H7493912520400H7493912530400
4.50 mmH7493912506450H7493912508450H7493912512450H7493912515450H7493912520450 
5.00 mmH7493912506500H7493912508500H7493912512500H7493912515500H7493912520500